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    On our quest for adventure and discovery, unexpected encounters sometimes happen. Recently, we had the unique opportunity to reunite our faithful road companion, the Suzuki Jimny, with a feat of architecture: the Chinon bridge, designed by the famous engineer Gustave Eiffel. The bridge represents the mechanical power of our all-terrain vehicle and the timeless grace of the work of art. A bridge between the past and the present.


    The Eiffel Bridge in Chinon is an incredible testament to the genius of Gustave Eiffel and his undeniable engineering legacy. Built in 1872, 15 years before the Eiffel Tower, this iconic bridge was used to cross the railroad line between Paris and Les Sables d’Olonne until 1974, and today links the banks of the Vienne River. The steel structure is considered a true masterpiece that has withstood both weather and time.

    Alongside Paris, Bordeaux, New York, Washington and Tallinn in Estonia, Chinon is one of the fifteen or so cities around the world to be hosting a series of events in 2023 to mark the centenary of Gustave Eiffel’s death.


    The first thing that strikes you about the Chinon bridge is its graceful, elegant design. The delicate curve of the steel arches provides a perfect symmetry. The massive pillars that support the structure rise proudly from the ground. Despite the years, the bridge has retained its original beauty and character, a testament to the genius of Gustave Eiffel. He used a combination of clever engineering techniques and architectural principles to achieve a striking balance between strength and beauty


    On the other hand, we have our faithful companion on the road, the Suzuki Jimny. This all-terrain vehicle embodies ruggedness and mobility.

    With its solid body, wide tires and reinforced suspension, it’s ready to tackle the toughest terrain. Whether through the mountains, on bumpy roads or across rivers, the Suzuki Jimny adapts to any situation.

    Un héritage qui perdure

    Tant le Suzuki Jimny que le pont de Chinon sont des exemples de durabilité et d’endurance. Le pont, après plus d’un siècle, a su résister aux affres du temps et aux différentes transformations qu’il a subies. De même, le Suzuki Jimny est conçu pour durer, capable de surmonter les défis les plus exigeants sur la route. Ces deux icônes, nées à des époques différentes, se réunissent pour montrer la résilience et la longévité.

    Cette convergence entre la puissance mécanique moderne et la beauté architecturale du passé nous rappelle que chaque rencontre peut être une source d’inspiration.

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