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    Last week’s drop in temperatures meant ideal weather conditions for snowy landscapes in some parts of France. The perfect time for Masterforest to show off its new product designed for icy offroading. This is MF’s special snow preparation. Thrills are guaranteed!


    The latest-generation Suzuki Jimny needs no introduction. It rapidly became a victim of its own success when first released, and returned to France in 2021, where it is now on sale as a 2-seater utility vehicle. The Masterforest off-road model boasts optimised performance with the latest accessories. So it is even more aggressive when on the most difficult terrain.

    The MF offroad steel front and rear bumpers protect the 4×4 from obstacles. The bumpers come as part of the WR9500 winch pack, designed to get you out of any tricky situation. Armour plating is also fitted to the lower parts of the body: radius arm mounting guards, transfer case protectors, and housing guards provide protection for the more vulnerable parts. A stage 2 suspension kit raises the vehicle by 7 cm. The front Panhard bar has undergone a few modifications to strengthen it, with a reinforced rear bar too. Suzuki’s latest 4×4 is also fitted with a front differential lock and a 3-way locking compressor.


    The Jimny could be ready for use with this equipment, but to make its look unique and its performance unequalled, it needs the Mattracks XT Series tracks. These are fitted directly to the hubs instead of the wheels. Tailor-made fasteners are then created for fitting to the new Jimny. All the more reason to give this extreme adventurer a wilder look! ChinonA small change was made during preparation: the front shock absorbers were clamped to limit the vehicle’s travel. So it’s ready for testing.

    Let it snow !

    What could be better than testing the Jimny IV in its ideal environment? So here is the vehicle mounted on the plateau in search of vast, snow-covered expanses.

    When we arrived in the Auvergne region, we were lucky enough to find a white blanket of snow stretching as far as the eye could see. Time to take down the 4×4 and start testing.

    Switching to 4-wheel drive and slow speeds… the miniature tank is already off. The Masterforest off-road 4×4 is in its element. Highly mobile thanks to caterpillar tracks that pack the snow instead of creating furrows so it moves effortlessly through the landscape. The grip surface has been considerably increased, giving you an exceptional drive. There’s also impeccable traction and perfect balance. The Japanese brand’s 4×4 continues to impress, recording sensational speed peaks in the snow.

    Find the technical data sheet of the Suzuki Jimny MF Black Tracks in our 4×4 Projects.